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Rice, rice, baby.

About a week ago, a lovely friend of ours offered TJ a rice cake while we were at a baby group.

I say offered – TJ stared as she gave her daughter a little tasty treat so the mum must have felt obliged to extend her generosity.

I didn’t know what this was the start of.

Coinciding perfectly with TJ showing some typical toddler traits, he’s now got me feeding him rice cakes on demand.

At first, I thought it was great as they are (reasonably) healthy and a good finger food for him to practise biting and chewing with.

I quite enjoyed how I could magic up a rice cake snack for him and be rewarded with an excited wiggle and beaming smile.

That’s until TJ has started to point to the kitchen on a very regular basis. If I ignore him or try and distract him, a meltdown occurs.

On one such occasion when I ignored him, he wriggled out of my arms and (finger) walked with me to the kitchen cupboard where he knows they are kept and looked at me in expectation.

I tried to carry him away, but the tears and throwing himself backwards moves quickly came.

So I gave in, of course.

And now I know it’s all going to happen again, and again, and again.

Baby fat falls off when they start to move more right?!

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Nearly 365

November 1 and apparently now Halloween is over, we’re allowed to get into the Christmas spirit. Which means it’s nearly the end of another year (I am using a little artistic license here).

Sometimes, when the festive season approaches, I am blown away by how fast the year has gone.

Not today. Not this time.

Instead of feeling a little like an under-achiever, this year has been very different.

I’ve done loads!

I’ve raised a tiny little baby into a rather large toddler.

I’ve been to job interviews – one of which led to a change in career path.

I’ve blogged – both here and for the fabulous Kiki Blah Blah.

I’ve lost two and a half stone, fitting back into my pre-pregnancy jeans.

I’ve made new friends – but also lost contact with one or two as well.

I’ve nearly died when crawling into a Welsh waterfall (but that’s another story!)

Although we’re not quite ready to hear Big Ben lead us into 2017, I reckon I can tick a good few things off my 2016 to do list.

What about you?