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Things my son did today

I went for lunch with two friends today. TJ was amazing and amusing in equal quantities.

This is how.

He fed me some of his tangerine. First by trying to insert it into my eye and then in my mouth. I don’t like tangerine, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

He repeatedly took small packs of crayons from a pot and tried to eat the cardboard they came in.

He walked around the restaurant with me and showed me the bathroom, three times.

He pooped whilst standing next to someone else’s table. His pooface gave the game away.

He played peekaboo with my friends and made them laugh.

He shoved butternut squash purée sandwiches in his face like they were the best thing he’s ever eaten.

He made my friends touch his wafer before each bite he took of it.

He did all this on no nap. Aside from the not napping thing, I couldn’t be more in love with my crazy little baby.

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The look of love

And I’m not talking about the expression on my face.

Today, at baby class, Theo double rolled. One of the activities was to “sausage roll” down a soft-play-esque slope. I helped TJ the first couple of times, but soon he was doing it himself with an expression of pure delight on his little face.

We did it a couple more times as he giggled away at the marvel of movement.

Then he did it a few times when we were back at home on the floor, not the slope. He still loved it.

The giggle and that (soon to be toothy) grin from terrific little TJ totally made my Monday.

Who said teething was all tears (yes, I know I may well live to regret thinking that!!)

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Bed time

And I’m not talking about the baby here.

For the last few nights, I’ve been crawling into bed approximately 10 seconds after TJ (finally) goes to sleep.

I did put up a fight for a while – persevering through bleary eyes to have some baby-free sofa time with the other man in my life (TJ’s Dad)

But there’s almost a direct correlation between how heavy TJ is (currently tipping the scales at 20 pounds) and how early I’m a walking zombie. Lugging that not so little man around is tiring work for most, never mind someone with my shockingly low fitness levels of late.

So in the battle between binge watching box sets and bed, I’m afraid the latter is definitely winning at the moment.

At least TJ’s Dad gets to enjoy hogging the remote.

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Throw some money at it

Babies are big business – we all know that. And I’m a prime target for the latest gadget – are you?

I’m now a proud owner of a baby food maker and a Sleepyhead Grande. This has left me nearly £200 poorer.

But with bags still under my eyes and a weaning cookbook on the side, these two products may well get me through.

Two meals in and I love the Philips Avent steamer and blender. I’m waiting with baited breath for the Sleepyhead to arrive and the blissful nights that it may bring to our home.

It’s been a busy month as TJ gets more communicative, more interactive and even more vocal (this dude has always loved the sound of his own voice) So my hands free time (which is when I blog) has greatly reduced.

We’ve also had more than our fair share of sleepless nights – including three nights of drama and tears when Daddy was away on a stag do!

So if technology can help make this journey a smoother ride for us all then that’s just priceless.

What baby products have you been pleased you’ve invested in?


Baby, I need a massage

Following suit with other mums looking for a stimulating activity for their baby and an excuse to get out of the house, TJ and I signed up to baby massage classes.

It didn’t even occur to me that TJ might not be a fan – he’s more than used to being handled by now and he has seemed more than happy in our other group activities (namely, Gymboree baby sensory).

How wrong I was.

Less than two seconds into the class and TJ decided it wasn’t for him. He did the kind of crying where they stop breathing for a second (I’m sure you know what I mean).

He decided the class was actually OK another two seconds before the class ended.

We signed up for the five-week course anyway and I’ve got some notes for homework so TJ is more up for the treat next week.

If not, I’ll see if they can upgrade my booking to an adult massage class as, after trying to calm the little man down, I’m the one who needed the relaxation treatment.



There’s no point crying over spilt (breast) milk

Like most mums in a morning, I rush around trying to get a million jobs done. This morning, I tried to do too much and knocked over some expressed breast milk.

I have low supply so every drop of that stuff really is “liquid gold” to me and every bit I make is for TJ. Well, except for the 60ml I spent 20 minutes pumping out this morning.

I’ve tried all the tricks in the book to boost supply. I even begged my GP for some potentially questionable pills which are supposed to help (they didn’t).

But having had my heart set on breastfeeding ever since I did a wee on that little stick nearly a year ago, I’ve kept on trying.

So it’s a bit frustrating when all that hard work gets mopped up by kitchen roll!

Ah well, lesson learnt. Until next time I’m rushing around to get millions of jobs done at once of course.

Anyone else had problems with low milk supply? If so, any tips?

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Screen time

I’ve been getting plenty of my own screen time in by staring at the baby monitor. After a couple of months of TJ calling it a day at the same time as mum and dad, it was time for him to hit the sack on his own.

It’s not been easy of course but we’re getting there. I just need to train my own eyes to stop staring at the baby monitor and to relish evenings with the other man in my life (TJ’s Dad) by catching up on my box sets instead.

Any tips for successful sleep training?