Mum dating

Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy. So, here’s my number. Call me maybe?

I’m not a single parent. I’m just about to celebrate six years of marriage to TJ’s Dad. But I feel like I’m back in the dating game.

I recently returned to work. The end of maternity leave meant the end of a weekly calendar of baby classes and chats with fellow mums while the little ones scrambled around on the floor. But I’m only working part-time, so what happens on the days I’m off work in the future but not going to a baby sesh every day?

Mum-dating. That awkward time when you don’t know whether to ask for the number of the mum you shared a laugh with while playing peekaboo (with the baby). The one who you found out lives near you, has a baby roughly the same age, and loves a wine at the end of the day like any sane person would.

So imagine my delight when, walking back from nursery, I bumped into one such mum-friend and she asked me if we could exchange phone numbers. I could have kissed her, I was that flattered. Once we got past the awkward realisation that we knew our babies names but not each other’s, we swapped numbers and both went on our merry way with a skip in our step.

Woohooo, friendship with fellow mums is what keeps us going during those long Tuesday’s when TJ may be being hard work and it’s 5 hours until daddy comes home (aka wine o’clock)

I hope we do actually meet up now. I’ll try not to obsessively check my phone for messages like I did when I was a teenager anyway.


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