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Packing a pump

Seven months ago, I faced the daunting task of wanting to breast feed my baby while I struggled with low supply and poor latch.

I’m sad to say I even wished some of the time away until TJ would be six-months-old and I could stop having the “breast is best” mantra echoing through my mind.

This meant hours of pumping, two sessions with a lactation consultant and many tears from both myself and TJ as we struggled to get it right.

But we got there after deciding to combi feed and we enjoyed many treasured and special times together while TJ fed.

Now, as the little man approaches eight-months-old, when he’s weaning well and my date back to work looms in the distance, the time has come to stop the feeds.

And I’m struggling with it. I’m sad it’s over.

I’ll always be glad I persevered with breastfeeding. It’s meant hours of unique and unforgettable moments where TJ lay in my arms, content and full.

(I’m not saying anything negative about formula whatsoever – we’ve used shed loads of the stuff!)

So, maybe I’m mourning the loss of my little newborn who gets bigger and stronger every day. Maybe I’m feeling guilty that I should keep up the feeds a little longer. Maybe I’m worried TJ will miss it as much as I will.

I’m not sure. All I do know it’s the right thing for us to do now for so many reasons.

Did any other breastfeeding mamas experience these mixed emotions?


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