Sleeping like a baby

Whoever came up with that expression clearly never looked after an infant.

Or, if they did, they never tried to put an infant to sleep in a cot. Or a Moses Basket. Particularly in the day time.

Maybe they had tried to put a baby, say my baby TJ, to sleep in a car seat. Or a swing chair. Or maybe even just on themselves. That’s all fine for the most part.

But in a cot? Never. Not with a hot water bottle. Not with white noise. Not with a mini version of a somewhat successful night time routine.

With TJ’s first date with the nursery looming in the distance, I’m determined to put a day time nap in the cot into his routine. But so far, TJ is just as determined to not.

Anyone got any tips?


One thought on “Sleeping like a baby

  1. moderatemum says:

    It was definitely all about the transfer for me. We used to rock him to sleep at first in our arms and when he was older in the carrier. When he was asleep we would ease him into the cot (prewarmed with hot water bottle) the bit where you removed your hands took about two minutes. White noise playing the whole time. If any stage went wrong you had to start again. Still can’t really setlle. I’m not helping, I’ll shut up now…

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