There’s no point crying over spilt (breast) milk

Like most mums in a morning, I rush around trying to get a million jobs done. This morning, I tried to do too much and knocked over some expressed breast milk.

I have low supply so every drop of that stuff really is “liquid gold” to me and every bit I make is for TJ. Well, except for the 60ml I spent 20 minutes pumping out this morning.

I’ve tried all the tricks in the book to boost supply. I even begged my GP for some potentially questionable pills which are supposed to help (they didn’t).

But having had my heart set on breastfeeding ever since I did a wee on that little stick nearly a year ago, I’ve kept on trying.

So it’s a bit frustrating when all that hard work gets mopped up by kitchen roll!

Ah well, lesson learnt. Until next time I’m rushing around to get millions of jobs done at once of course.

Anyone else had problems with low milk supply? If so, any tips?


One thought on “There’s no point crying over spilt (breast) milk

  1. moderatemum says:

    I was under the impression I had low supply for a while, this was supported by the fact that when I pumped I could only extract a teensy dribble. I used to put some in the fridge and then my husband would forget about it at his feed and I’d want to cry. I can’t say for sure that I increased my supply (basically my son didn’t gain weight and then he did) but what I did was pump just to stimulate supply and not just to collect milk. I would even throw out anything I pumped because I needed to feel relaxed about the process. I’m afraid I can’t remembr how often I did it, I just had a hand pump I’d use for ten minutes every hour or so.

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