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Baby it’s cold outside

Sadly, Santa brought me one present I didn’t ask for this year – a cold. I spent the three days of festive fun faffing with tissues, lemon and honey and throat sweets.

In the mornings, that meant three hot drinks – nursing tea, aforementioned lemon and honey and a large mug of standard tea to help keep me a functioning and sane person.

It was, of course, inevitable that TJ would pick up some of my germs. The NHS website told me to keep breastfeeding. So, I didn’t keep my distance – well, except for when all of our relatives got in their cuddles on Christmas Day.

Despite following the medical advice, it doesn’t stop me from feeling guilty as I see my little man with the snivels for the second time before he’s old enough for me to reach for the Calpol.

Have any of your had babies with blocked up noses this Christmas?


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