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Bugged by my fitness

Pre and during pregnancy, I was pretty fit. I ran. I used my gym membership. I had even spent many a Sunday hiking around Surrey countryside (though that was before bump!) So when trying out post natal exercise, my horrendously poor fitness levels surprised me.

But with a mum tum firmly in place, and a wardrobe full of clothes which don’t cover my new wobbly bits, I tried out Buggy Fita UK wide company which offers fitness classes for new mums and, as the name suggests, babies are welcome.

Many of the classes are run outdoors but my (free) trial session was inside. The hour-long class provided a great variety of exercises which change every week and options for mums with different fitness levels or stages of post natal recovery.

Despite napping beautifully for the 10 minutes preceding the class, TJ cried almost as soon as the class began. He was fed and dry so maybe it was just the change in surroundings which caused a little tantrum. The instructor was amazing and helped to comfort him so I could still take part. For much of the class I just toted him along with me – which could only have made the lunges and squats more effective!

I sweated. More than I expected to have done. Definitely more than I would have done doing such exercises a year ago. But Buggy Fit is especially for new mums like me who need to get back in the (metaphorical or actual) saddle.

TJ must have even burnt off some calories as he was asleep before we even reached the car after class. Annoying, but I’ll forgive him.

I’m looking forward to returning to try out the outdoor classes which Buggy Fit is renowned for – come rain or shine!



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