Road is tripping me out.

So it’s the first weekend away with TJ. We’re travelling the grand total of 90 miles for a friends engagement do (don’t worry, it’s a family friendly occasion)

For days I planned the packing in my head. It included every baby grow we own as well as two party outfits for him (for obvious reasons), something resembling a look for me which covers the mum tum and doesn’t have baby drool on it (yet) and the essential dry shampoo.

It’s only now half way there that I’ve also made a mental note to buy a non-electric breast pump. That’s because I have stuffed a muslin down my bra having left breast pads at home. I hope my fellow travellers on the M25 don’t see.

Wish us luck.


One thought on “Road is tripping me out.

  1. mandanicoleshakes says:

    I remember those days all too well lol! I once cute menstrual pads up and used them when I was breastfeeding. They worked like a charm but I felt so gross lol! Mamas gotta do what mamas gotta do!! ❤️ good luck!

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