Makes sense.

So today we ventured to our first Baby Sensory class at our local Gymboree. A fellow blogger talked of “mum points” (MP) for chalking up good parenting and I was excited to get TJ working that little mind and chalk up an MP score for myself.

Gymboree is a national company running classes for all ages of munchkins and it’s easy to see why (no, they haven’t paid me to say this!)

After TJ kicked off proceedings by screaming the place down only to be placated with food (an hour after a previous feed) we enjoyed lots of songs, games and other fun stuff.

TJ particularly liked the bells, hand puppets and a parachute game where a large colourful sheet of fabric is waved in the air over the babies. I’m not ashamed to admit his happy reaction brought a tear to my eye (although I think I managed to hide it from the other well-seasoned baby sensory goers!)

My little man has been sleepy all afternoon which I’m taking as a good sign. I left somewhat out of breath too – definitely a good sign.

Can’t wait to go back.


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