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The first two months 

So as I type this with little TJ resting on my chest, it’s a good time to look back on the madness of the last eight weeks. Like all new mums, I set out with all the best intentions. Here’s a list of stuff I’ve done differently to those best laid plans. Amongst the intense pressure on new mums to be perfect, here’s how I’ve been happy not to be.

  • I wanted a water birth with gas and air as my only assistance. In reality, I was induced (bye bye birth centre), I didn’t dialate despite all the pain (hello epidural and pethadine) and then I ended with a c-section. 
  • I would not have a problem with my post-natal figure. Well, I’m sorry, but I haven’t got there yet. My c-section left me with a proper mum tum and I haven’t got over that. I will, just not yet. Let me do those 10,000 planks first.
  • I would exclusively breastfeed. Here’s one form of pressure all new mums know about. I read all about it and thought the main issue would be latch. No one warned me about low supply – even copious amounts of nursing tea, fenugreek pills, expressing and lactation consultants haven’t got me over that one. So me and SMA have become close friends. A Medala Swing pump continues to be a close companion too.
  • I would shower and eat properly daily. Ha ha ha. My weekly shop largely consists of Babybels and other food I can eat with one hand and Batisse Dry Shampoo.
  • We wouldn’t co-sleep. That lasted around 3 hours after we first got home and I realised the effectiveness of Moses baskets is about as mythical as the bible itself.

The only promises I’ve stuck to are not filling my social media with pictures of TJ (I won’t be sharing pictures here either) and not checking my work emails – which OK has been pretty easy! But, we do what we can do to get by and keep our new little ones at the centre of our world.

As TJ develops daily and is starting to flash me some toothless grins, it’s a fun journey. 
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3 thoughts on “The first two months 

  1. Hi fellow mommy blogger!

    Oh momma, I ended up with a c-setion too, and so badly wanted a natural birth. I feel your pain. It took me weeks to mourn my delivery. But looking at my sweet baby made all the difference! I also thought I would never co-sleep… but we co-slept until she was 11 months old and I became pregnant again. Then we started the slow transition to moving her to her crib. You can read all about my fun experience here:

    If you’re interested, I wanted to invite you to a mom blogger community that will have specific advice for mom bloggers like yourself! Helpful tips on how to manage cooking dinner for your family while pushing out a post during the day. Or if you’d like to get more in depth with your blog, how to monetize it and stand out in the sea of 14 million other mommy blogs. If you’re interested, I’d love to welcome you! Please check it out here:

    Have a wonderful holiday season! Hugs, Suzi

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